Health and Healing -

Health and Healing

Shri Sai Satcharita contains many examples of healing by adopting simple natural and at times yogic techniques. Sai Baba drove away cholera out of Shirdi by grinding wheat and throwing the flour in the outskirts of Shirdi. Baba cured tuberculosis of Shamaji Patel in the house of Bhama Bai. Shri Booty was cured of cholera by his prescription of almonds and walnuts.

Baba cured diarrohoea of Kaka Mahajani by telling him to eat groundnuts. Sai Baba cured Dattopant’s stomach pain, piles trouble of Shama, stomach pain of Nana Saheb chandorker, snake bite of Shama. These are some examples only. Shri Sai Satcharita mentions about many such healings.

In this site we will share healing principles as followed by spiritual masters. We will also provide spirituality based articles to help in understanding a disease and its cure. For example in spirituality constipation problem is caused because of behavior as a miser. Therefore, apart from healing the problem medically, if miserly nature of a person is removed by guidance, healing will be easier. Sai Baba emphasized on daan for both physical and spiritual health. In this section we will also share articles based on astrology, spirituality, nature healing and herbal cure.