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Ovarian Cancer – Astrological and Spiritual Perspective

According to ovariancancer.org, ’Ovarian cancer is a growth of abnormal malignant cells that begins in the ovaries.’ Ovarian cancer can be of two types: Benign (non-cancerous) and malignant (cancerous). The difference between the two is that in its benign form, the tumors do not spread to the other parts of the body; whereas in its malignant form, the tumor spreads to other parts of the body through the bloodstream. 

The symptoms may be pain in the abdomen, pelvis or legs, swollen abdomen, nausea, diarrhea or constipation, feeling tired all the time, difficulty in eating, weight loss or weight gain, fatigue, pain during intercourse, frequent urination. If these symptoms persist it is always safe to take medical assistance.

Astrological Combinations indicating Ovarian Cancer:

a) Afflicted Sun or Moon in Scorpio can lead to ovary-related disease. However, this may not lead to Cancer unless Sun or Moon is heavily afflicted. 

b) Venus or Moon afflicted by Mars can cause ovary-related disease. In case the afflictions are mild it may not lead to Cancer.

c) Seventh house and the eighth house and their lords under affliction by Saturn or Rahu indicate ovary cancer.

Case 1: 

Interpretation: Moon is afflicted by sixth lord Mercury. Sun is afflicted by eighth lord Mars. Scorpio sign is afflicted by aspect of Saturn. The placement of lagna and the eighth lord Mars in the sixth house is also not very good. There is a strong chance of ovary-related disease. However, there is no affliction with Rahu and Saturn on the eighth lord. Hence, the problems may not lead to ovarian cancer.

Case 2: 

Interpretation: Debilitated Mars is placed in the eighth house. Rahu is also placed in the eighth house. The eighth lord Moon is afflicted by placement in its sign of debilitation. Saturn is further afflicting the natal Moon and Scorpio sign by aspect. In this example horoscope ovary-related problems may lead to ovarian cancer.

Spiritual Causes of Ovarian Cancer:

a) Guilt or bad experience of an individual in love may trigger ovarian cancer. 

b) Lack of forgiveness is like venom it can cause diseases like mental depression, cancer and arthritis. If lack of forgiveness is rooted to bad experience in love or relationship it may trigger ovarian cancer.

c) Often, cancer is manifested by tendency of some women to escape any given situation. Such women generally resist changes. They generally stuff their emotions with negativity and live in guilt throughout.

d) Unresolved issues in relationships with God, self or others may trigger cancer. If such broken relationship is the cause of absence of love in case of a women it may even trigger ovarian cancer.

e) Thought of sexual inadequacy and self-hate may also cause ovarian cancer. 

f) Fear arising from relationships or bad experiences from past life may also trigger negative emotions. Such emotions if not taken care of may trigger ovarian cancer.

Healing of Ovarian Cancer:

a) Apart from the medical treatment, emotional counseling, forgiveness exercise (where the patient mentally names, forgives and releases every person with whom they ever had any problems or issues) and Pani-Prayog (water therapy) can help in the cure of ovarian cancer.

b) Patients suffering from ovarian cancer should pray to God for emotional strength, courage and right direction. This may help in resolving the emotional problems which are the root cause of the disease. 

c) Recitation of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra regularly may also benefit such a patient. The mantra is given below:-

“Om Tryambakkam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pustivardhanam

Urvaarokameva Bandanaan Mrityormooksheya Maamritat”

d) The desire to live is essential to heal any disease including ovarian cancer. 

e) The love and support of family and friends is essential to defeat ovarian cancer. It is because of this love that the patient wants to live long. This desire of the patient can at times even help in conquering death.

Written by: Anand Sagar Pathak