Cancer Healing -

Cancer Healing

Cancer represents deep hurt or longstanding resentment. It signifies deep secret or grief eating away happiness and self. When poison of hate, anger and guilt increases, it may also sow the seed of cancer. Such negative emotions have to be removed for healing cancer. This can be done by forgiving self and others. Apart from the medical help, psychological or spiritual help at times becomes necessary for healing this dreaded disease.

The doctors generally cut the cancer ridden organ. A spiritual healer removes the emotional inadequacy and negativity which can cause Cancer. This may help in speedy recovery from Cancer. Environmental pollution can also be considered an important cause of this disease. Hence, apart from healing of mind and emotions, detoxification of body is also required. We will provide relevant articles for easy detoxification of body and mind. In this section we will share about tips to help in Cancer healing, experiences of Cancer patients etc.